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Realtor Information
Realtor InformationRealtor Information

Realtor Cooperation

Legacy Premier Homes, Inc. appreciate Realtors that bring clients to our subdivisions, and we will provide cooperative commission of 2.5% to Realtors that are a member of Valley MLS.  If your client will be visiting the model home without you, please register using the file below.  Realtors must accompany clients to pre-sale meetings.  Our Realtors will prepare the contract for you using the standard HAAR Real Estate contract with additional addendum, plans and specification. 

 Email file to register@legacypremierhomes.com 

Realtor Client Registration.pdf   Download File

Multiple Offer Policy:

In the situation that the listing agent has been notified by multiple Realtors that they will be submitting an offer on a given property, the listing Realtor will notify the purchasing Realtors that multiple offers are expected and request that the highest and best offer be submitted. Legacy Premier Homes, Inc. will review all offers submitted within 24 hours of receiving the first offer. Legacy Premier Homes, Inc. will then choose the offer that it believes is best and enter into final contract negotiations. The listing agent will notify the other Purchasing Realtors that another offer has been accepted. Legacy Premier Homes, Inc. goal is to be fair to all parties and we believe the above approach represents a reasonable way to proceed in the multiple offer scenario.

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