Exterior Selections
Exterior SelectionsExterior Selections

Exterior Selection Process:

To choose the exterior of your new home, you will work with our Selections Coordinator.   The following items are tightly coupled together to generate the desired exterior:  brick, mortar, window color, window grid pattern, trim color, gutter color, and garage door color.  Legacy Premier Homes works closely with our suppliers to determine what is available for a home at contract time.  Our goal is to try to reserve material as soon as you sign the contract.  The Selections Coordinator will try to accommodate your general wishes in exterior color choices but may have to adjust details based upon availability.   

Brick and Mortar

When considering the options for brick and mortar, we highly encourage our customers to choose from existing homes in LPHs Highland Ridge subdivision. In Highland Ridge, you will find a wide variety of brick/mortar combinations as well as other exterior colors and styles for stone, windows, gutters, shutters, and garage doors.

Over 50 Standard Front Door Glass Options

The configuration of standard doors, including side lights, double doors, half rounds, and transoms, may vary depending on the specific plan. However, customization options are available during the design and pricing phase. It is important to note that the door style is an integral part of the selection process.

Windows, Gutters, Trim, Garage Door, Shutters

Part of the selections process is choosing the color of the windows, trim, gutters, garage door and shutters. We offer six master bath window options as well as a variety of window grid patterns. We also several garage door and trim colors.

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