2/10 Home Warranty

Legacy Premier Homes, Inc. is proud to be associated with 2-10 Home Warranty. All new homes started since July of 2013 offer the 2-10 Home Warranty. The Limestone County area does not have an inspection department. So, offering the 2-10 Home Warranty is a great way for you as the consumer to know you are buying a quality product. 

The philosophy of the 2-10 is to enroll quality builders not just to provide an insurance policy.   We are one of the first builders in the nation to be enrolled that does not have an inspection department.    So it was not easy to become part of the 2-10 program.     For example, 2-10 sent out engineers to observe how we build our product and setup an independent inspector to verify the quality of work for 2-10 during the first 8 years in the program.

Sample 2/10 Warranty - (Click Here)


Please review the 2/10 Home Warranty manual provided to you at closing or the sample available on our website under building->warranty. It is an excellent source for understanding of your warranty coverage. 
For cosmetic Warranty issues: Please limit your warranty requests to an 11th month list. Please validate that the item is covered under warranty by reviewing the 2/10 Home Warranty.
Please email to warranty@legacypremierhomes.com
For Non cosmetic Warranty issues: Email: warranty@legacypremierhomes.com
For HVAC call J&R Sheet Metal: 256-262-1946 

For Appliance issues coordinate with warranty group to determine appliance provider:

Please include the following information to expedite the Service Request: 

  1. Your full name
  2. Your address, lot number and subdivision name
  3. Telephone numbers (home, cell phone, and work numbers)
  4. List each item needing warranty service. PLEASE REFER TO YOUR 2/10 HOME WARRANTY MANUAL FOR WARRANTABLE ITEMS.

We will assign your request to a Warranty Coordinator who will schedule a visit to review and address the items. Please note the work will be performed between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 3:00 P. M. Monday through Friday. 


Any emergency requires immediate attention. Please be advised of what particular situations or conditions are defined by warranty as an emergency: 

  1. Total loss of heat.
  2. Total loss of electricity.
  3. Total loss of water.
  4. Plumbing leak that requires the entire water supply to be shut off.
  5. Any situation that endangers the occupants of the home.
  6. Any situation that would cause further damage to the home.

Call Darren at 256-508-2257 or Trey at 256-777-5004
In addition, please email: warranty@legacypremierhomes.com
For HVAC call J&R Sheet Metal 256-262-1946 

Directions to Subdivisions

Sales and New Home Coordinator:

Alabama Builders #:  23623

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