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Presale Process
Presale ProcessPresale Process

Building Presales with Supply Chain Constraints:

Each builder is approaching the supply chain constraints differently.   Legacy Premier Homes is allowing for selections from a predetermined set of choices for both interior and exterior of homes.   In many cases, these choices are being bought in bulk and stored in warehouses.   Our approach is to start presales very quickly which requires all selections to be made at the time of contract.   Selections that need to be ordered will be once the contract is signed.  However, it is possible that a given selection may become unavailable (yes it can happen).  If it does, our designers reserve the right to substitute a similar product.  Between optimizing our build sequence and minimizing the wait on the material, it allows us to build your home in an approximately 4 to 5-month time period.   This offers significant advantages of being able to lock in your interest rate quicker, move into your home quicker, and helps avoid those nasty escalation clauses.    Likewise, as a builder, it helps us minimize risk because we are able to order material quicker and have less time for external forces to affect the supply chain.    However, if items must be substituted, both the builder and the client must be flexible and decisive in order to keep the build process on track.

Selection of Plan and Lot:

The first step is determining the plan and lot you are most interested in.   This decision goes hand in hand since certain plans are only allowed on certain lots.   Even if a plan fits, it may not be allowed because adjacent homes are the same plan.    If you choose a plan, it will show the available lots.  If you choose a lot, it will show the available plans   Go the plat page (Click to see interactive Highland Ridge Plat) or the plan page (Click for Highland Ridge Plans).  Once you have selected a lot and plan, our home designer will have to perform a detailed review to make sure the plan will fit and that the surrounding homes are not the identical plan and elevation.  Even it if is the same plan, the plan designer may be able to modify the elevation of the home to allow it to go on a lot.

Highland Ridge Phase 2 has a large number of lots that do not directly back up to another home.    Many of the lots back up to a lake, undeveloped area, or retention area.   These lots will have a premium.    The last phase of Legacy Grove will also have a large number of lots that back up to lakes or undeveloped areas.

Interior Selections Process:

Our creative team designed twelve interior collections based on current trends and popular elements.  All will complement any of our floor plans. One is sure to catch your eye and suit your unique style.  (Read More)

Exterior Selections Process:

Part of the Legacy Premier Homes homebuilding process includes making selections for brick, mortar, and vinyl colors. This can be overwhelming when trying to select options using small samples and product boards. We believe it is much easier to visualize what the home will look like if choosing exterior selections matching our completed homes. Once you enter the pre-sales process, a member of the sales team will provide a list of homes in Highland Ridge that reflect available options from which to choose.

Presale Appointment:

To start the process of building your home, schedule an appointment with a member of our sales team. This meeting will take around two hours.  This initial meeting will include a detailed walk-through of the options that are available with our homes, a detailed walkthrough of interior selections, and exterior selections.  During this meeting, the on-site salesperson will generate a worksheet. The worksheet will contain the options that you are still considering and your preferences on selections. You will have the opportunity to review the results at home and make final decisions so that you can keep the final price of the home within your budget.

Before meeting with our on-site salesperson:

  • Be serious about building with Legacy Premier Homes, Inc. Because of the time involved on everyone’s part, a meeting should not be scheduled until you are ready to move forward.
  • Contact a lender so you know what budget you are working with. We recommend using one of our approved lenders – see closing cost paid by builder for more details on what we pay when using an approved lender.
  • Select a plan and lot and have an idea of what options you would like. The more you understand the options you want, the quicker the process.
  • Review the interior and exterior selection pages to determine your preferences.
  • Prioritize the additional features that are important to you.

Topics covered in Presale Meeting

The list below is an example of some of the features offered and customization discussed during the pre-sale meeting. 

Plan Enhancements:

  • Choosing plan elevation.:
  • Creating a handicap-accessible secondary bathroom.
  • Adding doors to turn dining rooms into offices.
  • Modifying the exterior elevation of the home to add stone, Hardi, accents, and gables.
  • Modifying shape and types of columns: brick, stone.

Brick Base with Cedar Craftsman Column

Stone Base with Painted Craftsman Column

French Doors in Dining Room

French Pocket Doors on Dining Room

Stone Accent Walls

Energy Efficiency:

  • Radiant Decking

Appliance Options

  • Double Ovens
  • Gas versus Electric Cooktop or Range

Electric Slide In Range (Standard Legacy Series)

Gas Cook Top, Vent to Outside, Wall Oven, Wall Microwave (Standard Premier Series - Most Plans)

Gas Free Standing Range Vented to outside

Slide In Gas Range with Vent to Outside (Standard Premier Series - Some Plans)

Gas Cook Top with Microwave Over Cooktop Vented to outside and Double Oven

Gas Slide-in Range, Vent Hood To Outside, Wall Oven and Wall Microwave

Electric Cook Top, Double Ovens, Microwave over Cook Top - recirculating

Cabinet Style:

  • Beadboard
  • Raised Panel
  • Shaker

 NOTE: This also determines interior door style.

Bead Board Cabinets

Raised Panel Cabinets

Shaker Cabinets


  • Glamour Tub Type (Free Standing, Garden Tub, Jetted Tub)
  • Laundry sinks
  • Types of toilets (Standard or Comfort Height)
  • Type of kitchen sink (Stainless, Granite Composite, Farmhouse Sink)
  • Kitchen sink bowl style (Single, 50/50, 60/40)

Kohler Farm Sink

Granite Composite Sink

Free Standing Tubs

Non-Jetted Six Foot Soaker tubs

Deep Stainless Sink - Single, 60/40 or 50/50 (Standard All Series)

Laundry Sink

Shower Options:

  • Tile shower in secondary bath

Counter top Options:

  • Upgrade to Quartz in kitchen or master bath

Quartz in the Kitchen

Electrical Options:

  • Dedicated Freezer runs
  • 220 Outlets in Garage (for cars or equipment)
  • Extra outlets (Pantry only beneath switch)


  • Fireplace Hearth
  • Fireplace Mantel Style

Standard Mantel with Tile Surround

Stone Hearth and Stone Surround

Craftsman Mantel with Glass Tile Surround

Wood Hearth, Decorative Glass Surround

Shiplap to Ceiling, Stained Block Mantel


  • Blinds.

Back Porch:

  • Screening in
  • Brick knee walls

Screen Porch

Screen Porch with Brick Knee Wall


  • Brick Landscaping
  • Extra concrete (back of porch, extending drives)
  • Fence (priced based upon exact lay-out)

Brick Landscape Edging

Extra Concrete and Sidewalks

Detach Garages:

  • Detached garages with same exterior finishes
  • Details of Detached Garages

Unfinished Interior of Detached Garage

Detach Garage - 12X20

Detach Garage 22x22

Window and Door Upgrades:

  • Upgrade to double doors

8' Foot Double Front Door

6'8" Double Door with half round.

Once you have decided on which options you want, the designer will review changes and generate a client copy of the floor plan and a final pricing sheet that will became addendums to the contract.

Additional Information:

  • Closing date – typically 4 to 5 months from date of contract. If not using an approved lender, it may add 5 to 10 days depending on the lender.
  • Earnest money – We require earnest money of $5,000 for homes under $500,000 and $7,500 for homes over $500,000.
  • Upgrade money - All upgrades will be paid for at time of contract and are NON-REFUNDABLE.
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